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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Book Match
BOOK MATCH - Matching between adjacent veneer leaves on one panel face. Every other piece of veneer is turned over, so that adjacent leaves are "opened" as two pages in a book. (from the Royalton Millwork & Design, Inc. website glossary)

My apartment is obviously a work in progress, and until the day that I become a professional designer and have access to all sorts of fabulous discounts at home stores and design showrooms, I have little choice but to work on things at a very slow pace. The above photo of the back wall in my living room is an excellent example of that. Note the three glass pieces screaming to be filled with flowers, glass beads, potpourri, M&Ms, a rabbit’s foot collection, ANYTHING. (Actually, their emptiness is simply due to the fact that I found the items last weekend and haven’t quite decided what to do with them, but that’s beside the point.) The print may move to another wall to make room for something a little more striking since this is the first wall you see when you enter the room.

The main reason I’m sharing this with you is because I’m very pleased with what I’ve done with the bookshelves that you can scarcely see at the bottom, if I do say so myself. (And I do.) I vaguely remember first picking up this tip in House Beautiful and have since added my own touches, such as including the cow and the painting. Overall, I believe that the color coordination creates an organized and pleasing effect, as if the books form a piece of art.

So, here I took this idea and pared it down to the bare essentials for a more masculine look – i.e. all of the books stand straight up, no accessories – and applied it to Ryan’s bookshelf when I went to Boston a little over a week ago (Ryan describes the process himself
here). He and I have both received a bit of flack for doing this: me for allegedly taking coordination to an obsessive level, and him for letting me do it.

Considering the fact that Ryan’s shelves took me about 45 minutes to do, and my own took maybe 20 minutes (less books), would you agree? Keep in mind how often you look at your bookshelf every day. I say that the results far outlast the effort but you may beg to differ. If so, we'll just agree to disagree, shall we? :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry about all the purple books, hon. :)


8:38 AM  

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