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Oh, and I'm an interior design student. That's how all of the weird terminology comes into play.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
RELIEF - Carving on a surface so that figures and objects are raised against a background. High relief (haut relief) is deeply cut; low relief (bas relief) is shallower. (from Nuttgens, The Story of Architecture 2e, Phaidon, 1997)

After the disaster that was my midterm, I spent a lot of time yesterday looking for comfort within myself in order to remember why I chose the interior design school track in the first place. I found it in two places – one internal and one external.


When I went to visit my parents on Sunday, I was telling them how much I was enjoying the course and how the field felt like a good fit for me. Then my dad told me that he remembered my first interior design encounter.

I was five years old and my family had just moved into a new house about a mile and a half from the old one, but it was built specially for us and provided me with a blank canvas of a bedroom. So one night as my parents entertained friends and relatives in their new dining room, I stood on my bed with crayons in hand and added my own personal touch to the wall. Twenty minutes later, I had a purposely (or so I like to think) crooked “Home Sweet Home” sign flanked by purple flowers and candy hearts proclaiming “I Love You.”

When my parents discovered what I had done, I was so proud that they didn’t have the heart to reprimand me. “You seemed so innocent about the whole thing,” my father chuckled in disbelief on Sunday. Instead, when they painted the room a girlie pale pink (at my request), they gave my drawing an oval frame in pink paint.

It feels good to know that I’ve felt the need to design since I was little.


Last night I went to
The International Fine Art and Antiques Dealers Show on Park Avenue in NYC.

I demand to see more green on this site!

My God, this stuff was gorgeous. I saw Rodin sculptures up close, some of the most exquisitely detailed writing desks I’ve ever seen, and a $27,000 silver bowl filled with jelly beans. (Somebody there obviously had a much better sense of humor than me because I had a fleeting urge to empty the bowl and polish it because I had deemed it too precious for jelly beans!)

I vow that I will one day I will have clients that can afford these things. I’d love to be able to afford it myself, but I set my standards low. :)
(I’m not British, but I can scale it down a bit)

Starting tomorrow and ending Monday, I’ll be in Orlando for a wedding with Ryan. I might write some stuff while I’m there and backdate it later, but we’ll see. I’m off!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
BOSS - The projecting ornament placed at the intersection of beams or moldings. It is often a carved head of an angel, flower, or foliage motif. (from Whitton, Interior Design and Decoration 5e, Prentice Hall, 2002)

Ugh, fine. Just give me the shot and go away.

History of Design is my daddy.
I am History of Design's bitch.
History of Design is the boss of me.
I am not worthy of History of Design.

That exam completely and thoroughly kicked my ass. I'm pretty sure I'll be lucky if I get a D. And one of my worst sections? Vocabulary. Go figure. Then again all of the sections were my worst section.


I'm not going to give up. I just have to figure out what I'm doing wrong so I can ace the final. And I'm not going to let this beat me long term, but I'm tired and angry with myself, and haven't recovered from the embarrassment, so I think I'm just going to let History of Design own me for the moment.

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Monday, October 25, 2004
OVERSTRETCH - (wallcovering) This is where the paper is poorly matched, creased, polished (shiny) or embossed papers are flattened. This is caused by bad paper handling and over brushing. (from glossary)

I Don't Know How She Does It

Today I take my first midterm since 1997. You're probably asking "So why the hell are you writing this entry when you should be studying?" and you'd have a point.

(Several hours pass)

So, as I was saying, it’s midnight. I’m going through my vocabulary sheets and the online slides and trying to remember the classical orders for columns and wondering if I’ll ever spell Brunelleschi correctly (I had to look it up for this entry) and figuring that I’ll just have to make educated guesses if I’m asked for dates and WHY CAN’T I REMEMBER THIS STUFF ALREADY?!

*sniff* i want my mom…

I was an English major in college. I think the reason for that was so I wouldn’t have to take so many tests. I could merely hand in a paper, albeit an incredibly long paper, that I knew about since the beginning of the term and not have to try to cram a bunch of information in my head in a few sittings. Because this panic is certainly not because I haven’t been doing my reading (except maybe from that one book I couldn’t afford but I hear it’s no different from the other two), and it’s not because I haven’t been keeping excellent notes (for once). We’ve just been going over so much material that I haven’t been able to revisit one week’s notes because I’ve had to move on to the next period in design history. Now I have to visit them all at once.

Ryan turned me on to the show Alias about a couple weeks ago when he lent me the first two Season One DVDs. In it, Sydney Bristow miraculously manages to spy, steal things, kick ass, wear cute outfits and snitch to the CIA all while ending the first few episodes with such lines as “I’m taking next week off. I’ve got midterms.” Yes, she’s a fictional character, and yes, she only seems to complete her coursework just barely after some creative pleading with her professors, but I’m left thinking that if she can get things together while traveling, as one character mentions, “seventeen times in three months,” then why can’t I do it with my not-incredibly-taxing-by-comparison freelance job?

Since I've only seen 15 episodes, right now I don’t know if Sydney finishes grad school – please don’t send me spoilers! – and personally, my odds are on her dropping out. Not sure why, but perhaps it would feel a bit satisfying, as if to justify my assessment that it really is difficult to balance all of this: work, school, life.

As for me, here’s hoping I make it through tonight intact…

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Friday, October 22, 2004

TAILS - A pleated and shaped piece of fabric installed on the outside edge of a curtain - usually coupled with swags to form an overall window dressing (from the Simply Furnishings glossary)

Namesakes: Domino Bond Girl and Logan of X-Men (these pics crack me up they're so cheesy - yeah, scuba gear is sexy)

Domino and Logan are children of divorce.

That being said, as of tomorrow, the two cats will be living with their “dad” from now on. After I’ve extolled their cuteness and eccentricities on this site twice, it may seem a bit odd that I’d be willing to give them away. The reasoning is simple: I’m allergic and asthmatic, he’s not.

So as a farewell to the critters, here’s a list of Ten Things I Will Not Miss, and Yet Somehow Strangely Will:

1. The furry tumbleweeds currently littering the living room, bathroom, and mostly the stairs.
2. Having to walk through kitty litter on the way to and from the shower to due Logan’s dog-like digging.
3. Watching Domino run and hiss at me when I try to pet her.
4. Litterbox cleaning. ‘Nuff said.
5. The mini-heart attack I suffer when I come home lately due to the sight of all the kitchen cupboard doors open and thinking momentarily that there’s been a break-in. (Logan’s new habit now that he can’t break into the bedroom.)
6. Having to clear Domino fur out of the bathtub plughole.
7. Having to spray Logan with water when I catch him scratching the furniture. (Yeah, it’s funny, but I never have the friggin' bottle near me when I need it)
8. Domino’s pretty-eyes table scrap begging method followed by her time-slowing trepidation to take the food from my hand.
9. Hairballs. They’re just gross.
10. All of those times when I run out of food or litter and have to run to the store before leaving for work.

Sayonara, little buggers. Enjoy your new life. It's for the best.


Domino & Logan

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Thursday, October 21, 2004
BUFFET – French term for a cabinet for holding dining table accessories; also a table from which food is served (from Whitton, Interior Design and Decoration 5e, Prentice Hall, 2002)


Things that Are Currently Irking Me

· Notice to the women of the northeastern United States: flip-flops are SO FIVE MINUTES AGO. Have these women not noticed that the rest of their bodies are completely covered with puffy jackets and the like, and that they’re wearing scarves? You’re not going to get a flu shot, dearies, so listen to your aunt Nina and cover up those tootsies. The only women excused are those post-pedicure and carrying a doctor’s note.
· TransitChek are going promo-crazy in trying to let us know via subway ads and the poor souls they’ve hired to shout at people near train station entrances that we can “Save Up to $1200 a Year or More” by requesting our employers to use the TransitChek system. Has somebody not mentioned to their copywriters that you can either save up to $1200 or save $1200 or more, but that claiming both just simply smells fishy? (At least their
website doesn’t mention it)

Things that Have Come to My Attention

· I’m a serious foodie, and I hate cold weather. Though I’ve been rediscovering that during the fall and the winter months that there is absolutely nothing tastier and more comforting than bread dipped in soup. Excuse me for a moment. (Mmmmmmmmmm....) Hee. I’m so easy to please. :)
· I need to start looking into buying corduroy pants, and basically clothes that don’t wrinkle or need to be dry cleaned in order for me to save time and money and not be underdressed for work. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m more than open to them at the moment because I currently find myself vacillating between polyester blends and jeans, neither of which I’m too happy with.

Any other random thoughts you'd like to share? (I'd appreciate your predictions for tonight's Apprentice episode as well)

Stupid Blogger. This is the third time I've had to post this because they keep losing it. Fingers crossed this takes...

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
VERNACULAR: This term describes an architectural style or design of house derived primarily from popular taste. Vernacular styles usually stem from some more formal or academic style, with simplifications and adaptations; but their origins are still recognizable. Vernacular Georgian, Federal and Greek Revival houses are common in New England. (from Westwind Design Residential Design glossary)

Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia)

Generally, the so-called Jersey Accent or North Jersey Accent spoken in northern New Jersey is simply a softer version of the English language spoken by residents of New York and is very frequently mistaken for a New York accent by people from other parts of the United States. It is sometimes even mistaken by people from the region itself, although most native-born New Jerseyans and New Yorkers can make the distinction when they listen carefully. Most colloquial greetings and expressions used in New York are also said by New Jerseyans and with the same frequency. Usually, however, the New Jersey accent does not blanket all words of speech, as is often the case with New Yorkers, and instead, only select words are pronounced differently from standard American English. Most common examples would be words containing a short “a” or “o” sound.

As in New York, the further away one travels from New York City itself, the weaker the accent becomes. The Jersey accent is mostly confines to the northeastern quarter of New Jersey, more or less within twenty-five miles of Manhattan.

Contrary to popular belief, no one in any part of New Jersey ever refers to their state as “Joisey.” This word is, in fact, a mistaken attempt by non-New Jersey residents to speak with a Jersey accent.

So lemme get this straight. For all of these years New Jersey has suffered through mockery and derision for our speech patterns, from New Yorkers especially, and when it comes down to it all we are is a bunch of red-tag sale 5 boroughs wannabes? Man, the state definitely needs a new team to handle its PR.

Mock us for our terrible car insurance rates and the fact that we can’t get Geico. Call us pansies for not being able to pump our own gas. Laugh hysterically every time you pass a WaWa deli. Play count-the-number-of-greasy-diners you pass on the highway while passing through the state as quickly as the Turnpike will allow you. But our accents are no longer fair game, as the credit for that rests on New York’s colossal shoulders.

Just get awff it already.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Cut Length
CUT LENGTH - distance from top to bottom of drapery plus hems and top headings (from the Dezignare Interior Design Collective glossary)

Steadfastly refusing the chop

Before we start, I realize that this entry is a testament to my vanity. I can live with that. So, anyway...

I love having long hair. It’s probably not meant to be this way as it’s got the thickness of cotton candy, but I can’t imagine ever wanting to have it otherwise.

My hair was the basis of the first drawn-out battle I had with my mother. I was six and living in something resembling a cross between a bowl cut and the Dorothy Hamill (I think we’ve all been there). All of the women in my mom’s family had short hair so this was a distinct act of rebellion on my part, and I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment when she acquiesced to my demand (bwahahahaha!).

Since then, I’ve only had it cut short twice:

1. In seventh grade I developed an addiction. To
Sun-In. Remember that stuff? After years of feeling inadequate for being born a brunette (no dolls that looked like me, I lost out on a chance to play Alice in Wonderland for a state theatre), I put this sh#t on my hair twice a day and blasted it with the hair dryer. It promptly became gross and broke off. Then my mother dragged me to the stylist who "shaped" it until it looked like a haystack was growing from the top of my head. Needless to say, I cried a lot.

2. In college, after some harsh advice from my roommate ("You," she said to my sorority sister, "are best suited to long hair. And you," she pointed to me, "need to cut yours off."), I folded and went chin-length. I saw the results, made a face in the mirror, and didn't get a trim for six months.

Now that I've hit thirty, I've begun wondering when "the big cut" will become inevitable and more permanent. A number of women go for the chop when they have children because it requires less time and doesn't get pulled as much. A persuasive argument to be sure, but one I'm not prepared to succumb to (The cut or the children? I'm not telling.). Then there is the "mutton dressed as lamb" persuasion. That one I find a bit more compelling, but it makes one wonder at what age does a woman with long hair begin to look like she's trying too hard to look like she's in her twenties?

I've pretty much decided that I'm going to hold out for as long as I possibly can, even though the question right now seems to me to be as unanswerable as how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop. (And for those of you that say "three," that owl was clearly cheating.)

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Monday, October 18, 2004
Fill (in the blanks)
FILL - The visible yarns in a textile that are woven through the less visible foundation of warp yarns. (from Norwalk Furniture Idea glossary)

My Weekend, By Way of Mad Libs

This weekend I went to [name of place] to visit my [noun] Ryan. I managed to make it up okay in spite of all of the [liquid] on my windshield and the [adjective] traffic. I found myself [verb ending in “ing”] “[exclamation]!” at the other drivers quite a bit.

On Saturday we went to Miller State Park and drove to the top of the [noun]. We spent some time going [verb ending in “ing”] and looking at the [plural noun], but it was really [adjective] so we left and got something to [verb]. That night we watched “Eternal [noun] of the [adjective] Mind,” he made me some French [an animal] and after dinner we drank red [liquid] and played [adjective] Libs. Fancy that!

On Sunday we [verb past tense] around and looked at [adjective] houses before settling in to watch the [plural noun] game on TV. [Adverb], I had to go home that night even though I really didn’t want to. I had a really [adjective] time and can’t [verb] to visit again.

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Friday, October 15, 2004
BURNOUT - A type of fabric in which caustic chemicals have been used to dissolve portions of the fabric. (from / The Society For Creative Anachronism)

Didn’t sleep much last night.

Driving to Boston today.

Don’t have much to talk about.

Doubt I’ll come up with anything clever by the time I leave work.

Do enjoy your weekend.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

REVIVAL: The reintroduction of designs from an earlier period, for instance, Renaissance revival or Greek revival. (from the Norwalk Furniture Idea glossary)

These two look like they could use their own revival...

Edina: … It’s all getting out of control all these revivals. Isn’t it, revivals? They’re not revivals. I mean, soon we’ll be reviving what we had on last week!
Patsy: Get your clothes back from the dry cleaners and it’s a revival!

Absolutely Fabulous

Why is it …

· That whenever I hear U2’s new single “
Vertigo” I think it’s an Offspring song for the first fifteen seconds? I nearly catch myself singing "uno dos tres quatro cinco cinco seis" every time.
· That a square of fabric with a hole in the middle of it that messed up my hair and itched like crazy when I had to wear it as a very little kid (just clarifying) during the 70s, is now being paraded all over New York? I'm told that if a trend happens once in your lifetime, you shouldn't participate in it again. I don't know if being a small child the first time counts. Regardless, I can’t wait for my future kids to bring back the Chihuahua-as-accessory craze.

This is causing me some serious flashbacks...

· That
Broadway feels the need to draw its inspiration from movies (and not even really good movies) in order to create its 2005 lineup? Batman the Musical, The Color Purple, Cry-Baby, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Leap of Faith, Legally Blonde, Disney’s The Little Mermaid, The Opposite of Sex, and Why Do Fools Fall in Love are all in the works. And I’m not even counting the actual revivals. Well, as long as John Waters doesn’t next try to adapt A Dirty Shame for the stage…

P.S. We need a revival of the street corner umbrella salesman!

P.P.S. Okay, so I saw three guys with bandages on their faces on the way in to work this morning. What is this, Fight Club?

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
CAD/CADD - computer aided drafting and design (from the Dezignare Interior Design Collective glossary)

Most of the time you like to be reminded that you’ve still got it. Then there are the times when you wonder if you actually want it.

I overslept this morning and I was late to work. I considered myself lucky to be able to hail a cab to the PATH since they’re usually few and far between at that hour. Yep. Lucky, lucky me.

My cab driver Marco felt the need to tell me I was beautiful. Like, ten times. He asked if I was married and if I’d like to go out to dinner with him. I said no thank you. “It’s okay,” he said. “We can go as friends.” Girls, just a quick reminder (as if we need one), they never mean that.

He offered his business card so that I could call him whenever I was running late for work again. I took it so that I could call the company to file a complaint. When he passed me the card, he stroked my palm with his finger. I haven’t felt that since twenty-five men in India did that to me one New Year’s Eve. Another thing girls, if this happens to you, not only does it feel really creepy, they do it as a sign of disrespect so get the hell out of there asap.

To top it all off, when I was paying the fare, he kissed my hand. *shudder* I need a shower just thinking about it. Can’t wait to hear what his manager will have to say when she calls me back.

On a lighter note…

Phase One of Operation: Cubicle is complete. Phase Two might be a while, and so will the pics (damn digital camera – I have to use up the roll of film on my regular one now), but here’s what I’ve learned so far:

· If you’re going to use fabric as a bulletin board, don’t put it through the rinse cycle
· Measure before you buy
· Nothing can top on-the-spot ingenuity, staples, and tape
· I could have really used an iron on this one, but who in their right minds brings an iron to the office?

This morning I got a few smiles and a “your space is really colorful.” I’d rather hear that than “AAAAH! MY EYES!” any day. :)

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004
DOMINO: Early wallpaper in small sheets which originally imitated marble and later carrying patterns. Wallcoverings manufactured today which imitate the original. The earliest dominos were popular icons representing God and the saints. (from Wallcoverings Online)


Domino & Logan

Logan lies in a lump on the floor and observes Domino walking towards him, only moving his head in order to watch her walk.

Domino: I’m going for nibbles. Come with.
Logan: I’m bored!
Domino: I said come with me for nibbles. Now.
Logan: I’m bored! (bats at her feet without conviction)
Domino: Eek! Stop that!
Logan: But I’m bored! (continues to waver his paw at her feet)
Domino: Stop, stop, stop! That’ll do, pig!
Logan: What’s a pi—hey, are you calling me fat?
Domino: If the fur fits…. Just barely in your case.
Logan: I don’t like you right now. (while sulking, rolls over, pulls himself up, meanders to kitchen, eats food.)
Domino: Oh, don’t be silly. (walks over to him and butts him with her head) Here, clean my head. You like doing that.
Logan: Okay. (after some half-hearted licking, pulls her into a cuddle with his arm wrapped around her) Awww, c’mere. I can’t stay mad at you.
Domino: That’s nice. Don’t tell the tall woman that we do this, all right?
Logan: She doesn’t understand me anyway. I shout and shout sometimes and she still won’t feed me.
Domino: Two words for you, you little fool – automatic feeder.
Logan: Oh. Well then I’m going to bed again.
Domino: Suit yourself. I’ll be in the bath. Goodnight.
Logan: Okay (conks out)

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Monday, October 11, 2004
QUIRK - An incised groove in a molding. (from Whitton, Interior Design & Decoration 5e, Prentice Hall, 2002)

I, like most people, have a few character flaws that I hope most other people would find endearing. Say the fact that despite 8 years of dance training when I was little, I am still perpetually clumsy. I was in a Pizzeria Uno on Saturday and within a minute of sitting down managed to break a pepper shaker. Brilliant. And it figures that the only visible attribute that remains of said dance training is a slightly turned-out, duck-like walk. Charming.

However, some of my character flaws are just plain stupid, like my uncanny ability to put myself in highly annoying yet highly preventable situations due to lack of planning/foresight. Yesterday served to be one big exercise into what a tool I can be. Granted, I'd suffered from a bout of insomnia that kept me up until 3:45 the night before and no amount of Wheaties was gonna get me out of that, but I think I could have avoided at least one of the following lame predicaments:

1. While preparing to go visit my parents for the afternoon, I decide to check my notebook to see what reading was required for tonight's class. I then discovered that I had another object report due, which meant that I needed to haul ass and get to the Met since it's closed on Mondays. Bleh.
2. Somehow in forgetting where the Met is located, I park on Columbus Avenue, which is on the wrong side of the park from the museum. Oy.
3. Still not knowing where the Met is located, I call information for the address while walking through Central Park. Then I remember that I still have a pamphlet in my bag from my last visit. With the address on it. D'oh!
4. I'd originally planned on writing about the Crib of the Infant Jesus, ca. 15th century, because it looked really neat. Did I read the whole description and notice that the thing was barely a foot high and therefore did not count as furniture? No.
5. After getting all I need on the Sgabello chair I selected, I grab a cab in order to avoid a parking ticket and tell it to drop me off at 85th and Columbus, which is the mental note I made as to where my car is parked. The car is not there. After walking around for a few blocks I grab a second cab and tell the driver that we're going to drive around until we find my car. Turns out the friggin' thing was parked on 87th and Columbus, in the opposite direction of that I searched. At least I didn't get a ticket.

So I'd planned on going to my parents' at 1PM and ended up actually getting there at 5. I'm such a good daughter. Then again they've dealt with this sort of thing from me for many, many years. And they rely on me in order to reprogram their cell phones. (Phew! Saved from the brink of being disinheirited once again!)

All's well that ends well I suppose. Assignment's done, I have the major materials for my cubicle revamp, and I've got most of the major errands done so I can make my weekend trip to Boston on Friday. However, if you'll excuse me, I've got a worst-case scenario plan to prepare for the inevitable wrong turn I'm going to make on the way up. Somehow I think I'm gonna need it.

Update: In the continuing saga known as I-can-be-such-a-tool, I get to class this evening to discover that in a panic yesterday I misread the syllabus. My assignment is actually due next week. Bloody hell. Sigh.

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Friday, October 08, 2004
GRIN - A small area of ground color that shows through [in a fabric] if the print is off-register. (from Larsen, Fabrics for Interiors: A Guide for Architects, Designers, and Consumers, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1975)

I am so immature.

Once upon a time about two weeks ago I was IM-ing Ryan, trying to figure out how I was going to work these design elements into my blog so I sent him some glossary links. Before long he and I were both useless because, well, we came across a number of terms that made our minds go back to seventh grade. (I think his exact words were "bwahaha. design is DIRTY." Nice.)

So while I'm still a bit under the weather and my sleep patterns are out of whack, I thought I might entertain the masses (okay, half a dozen) with some real design terms I've come across that are too suggestive or just plain silly to ever be used as entry titles. Some are techniques, some are architectural-based, some are furniture-based, some are fabric-based, all make me giggle like Beavis.

Here goes:

butt joint
crotch veneer
drain cock
eight-way hand-tied
gimp (tm Pulp Fiction)
horizontal operation
intimate blend
moisture content
penetrating oil

pot life
rising butts
shag (tm Austin Powers)

If you care to know what any of them actually mean, let me know. Otherwise, try not to snap too many bra straps after reading this.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004
FLUE - channel above a fireplace used to carry smoke and heat to the exterior of a structure (from the Dezignare Interior Design Collective glossary)

I feel really cruddy. Cruddy to the point that I don’t care that my design title of the day doesn’t quite match up spelling-wise. I’m not sure at this point whether the stuffy nose and sinus pressure is due to the change in seasons or whether I’m coming down with something. Beats me whether or not my muscle aches are an impending sign of sickness or simply my body’s adjustment to my new strength-training routine. All I know is I want my bed and pronto.

I don’t care if I’m a big baby about the whole thing. I want a nap and I want my TiVo at the same time, which is impossible on so many levels because the bed and said TiVo are on different floors in my apartment. I want sympathy and I want to be left alone. I want a hug but it’s too hot in here.

Flu season is only just beginning, and I can already foresee the “Difficult by Design” notion taking on another level if this keeps up and the
flu shot crisis is as bad as the media is making it out to be.

Well, until this blows over, get me some chicken soup, dammit, even though I’m not hungry.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
HIP - The line formed by two sloping roofs meeting. (from Nuttgens, The Story of Architecture, Second Edition, Phaidon Press, 1997)

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am not a follower of fashion trends. It's not that I think I'm a bad dresser (If anyone begs to differ, I am game for a free makeover! No takers? Fine, be that way.), but I tend to stick to the classics.

That sorta goes for my design tastes too. Though I've been more willing to take risks in paint colors, my style has leaned a bit towards the traditional. I've got a
cow in my bookshelf, for crying out loud.

So going for anything that's contemporary or modern at the moment involves me going out on a limb. "Sleek" is not a word that describes me. "Minimalistic"? Um, I tend to like stuff just as much as the next girl. "Abstract"? Well, I think abstractly in all sorts of frightening ways, I just don't inflict any of it on my apartment.

My office space therefore presents me with a bit of a challenge. I realize that I really don't have to do anything with said space save for organize it. I've also had a history of elaborately decorating my workstations long before I realized my design passion so I feel that not doing anything would be breaking a precedent here. It's just that this time I'll be looking at the, for lack of a better word, project with more structure.

As I mentioned previously, the current layout of my cubicle is pretty stark with a gray and black color scheme. Kind of dull. So what sort of concept do I come up with? '60s pop art. That'll kill the dullness all right. The prints below are my basis.

Synchronicity I

Synchronicity II

So between these and the pillowcases (I'm not telling you how I'm using them yet. You'll just have to wait. Oooh. The suspense.) and the accessories, I think this should be a lively yet hopefully tasteful cube. Just pray I can pull this off without blinding the three other women who sit near me. Fingers crossed.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
ELEVATION - The elevation of a house is a flat (without perspective) drawing of one side of the house as seen when standing facing it squarely. Four elevations are needed to describe completely the vertical aspects of a rectangular house: front (showing the front facade or principal elevation), rear, and the two ends. (from the Westwind Design Residential Glossary)


I have just received back my first ever assignment from interior design school.

It was an object description piece for Historical Styles 101. The assignment involved locating a piece of furniture from the Prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek, or Roman eras and describe it in 250 words or less. It involved a trip to the
Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I chose an Egyptian piece titled “Canopic Chest of the Servitor in the Place of Truth Khonsu.” Basically put, a canopic chest was constructed to hold jars containing dead people’s organs. (Mmmmmm…. pâté….) It was decorated to match the sarcophagus, or coffin, of said dead person, but I’m not sure why the body and organs needed to be separated like that. So below is a picture of the sarcophagus since my digital camera is kaput for the moment. I spent a Saturday at the Met with my nose practically glued to the glass next to this thing (the chest, not the coffin).

Okay, we’ve already established that I’m weird. Let’s move on.

I arrive in class this evening curious to see how I did while noticing that other students are complaining about the amount of red pen their papers got. Way to make a girl nervous. I collect my paper and the only note I see (other than my paragraph spacing is too wide) is “Very Good!”

It was a small assignment with little bearing on my final grade, but I feel that I am off to a magnificent start. Tremendous.

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Monday, October 04, 2004
COUNTER: [1] a piece of furniture that stands at the side of a dining room – has shelves and drawers; [2] table consisting of a horizontal surface over which business is transacted (from Hyperdictionary)

Since this blog is primarily all about me (whose isn’t?), I’ve decided that on the first Monday of the month, I am going to keep a tally on certain things defining me and my goals. So away we go!


Manicures: 2
Times caught using Jersey accent by myself or others: 1 (“awning” – Yikes!)
Lectures: 3
Homework assignments: 1
Trips to the Met: 1
Trips to Boston: 0 (that will change soon enough)
Visits from Boston: 1
Chapters read from Whitton, Interior Design & Decoration 5e: 13 (not in order)
Episodes of Designer Finals: 3
Episodes of Changing Rooms: 15
Episodes of Trading Spaces: 0 (Hate!)
Movies watched at the theatre: 1 (Shaun of the Dead – loved!)
People in my apartment: 12

I’m curious to know what this counter will look like in six months – that Changing Rooms number is going to make me look quite pathetic really (if it hasn’t already).

But hey, this blog is a record of my journey. It’ll be good to keep track of my progress.

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Friday, October 01, 2004
Work Order

WORK ORDER - document specifying work to be completed including details and drawings (from the Dezignare Interior Design Collective glossary)

That La Nina chica, she go loco again.

I’ve already got my sights on my next design project: my new cubicle. Yes, it’s a bit of a downgrade from my officle (it’s not a cubicle, it’s not an office, it has walls and a door but it’s only 6 ½ feet high), but I actually prefer it. It’s got pretty much the same privacy level without the isolation factor.

Right now the space is very stark and modern in black and shades of gray with a slightly dingy bulletin board wall (once my digital camera is fixed I’ll post a “before” pic). I already have plans to transform it using the following items:

- 4 irregular sized pillowcases that cost me $1.50 each
- 2 prints from
- 1 hand towel – not sure how on this yet but it looked cool and only cost me $.99
- assorted clip frames
- hopefully a few accessories that I can get for either free or dirt cheap
- and any organizational office supplies that I can in good conscience get my hands on

Yes, I am a mad woman. Or I could be magic. Either way, I’m happy to have the opportunity to work on my skills.

Stay tuned for the results….

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