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I'm a Jersey girl without the big hair or the accent (well, most of the time anyway), but with all of the bad driving and the penchant for weekly manicures.
Oh, and I'm an interior design student. That's how all of the weird terminology comes into play.

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Monday, October 11, 2004
QUIRK - An incised groove in a molding. (from Whitton, Interior Design & Decoration 5e, Prentice Hall, 2002)

I, like most people, have a few character flaws that I hope most other people would find endearing. Say the fact that despite 8 years of dance training when I was little, I am still perpetually clumsy. I was in a Pizzeria Uno on Saturday and within a minute of sitting down managed to break a pepper shaker. Brilliant. And it figures that the only visible attribute that remains of said dance training is a slightly turned-out, duck-like walk. Charming.

However, some of my character flaws are just plain stupid, like my uncanny ability to put myself in highly annoying yet highly preventable situations due to lack of planning/foresight. Yesterday served to be one big exercise into what a tool I can be. Granted, I'd suffered from a bout of insomnia that kept me up until 3:45 the night before and no amount of Wheaties was gonna get me out of that, but I think I could have avoided at least one of the following lame predicaments:

1. While preparing to go visit my parents for the afternoon, I decide to check my notebook to see what reading was required for tonight's class. I then discovered that I had another object report due, which meant that I needed to haul ass and get to the Met since it's closed on Mondays. Bleh.
2. Somehow in forgetting where the Met is located, I park on Columbus Avenue, which is on the wrong side of the park from the museum. Oy.
3. Still not knowing where the Met is located, I call information for the address while walking through Central Park. Then I remember that I still have a pamphlet in my bag from my last visit. With the address on it. D'oh!
4. I'd originally planned on writing about the Crib of the Infant Jesus, ca. 15th century, because it looked really neat. Did I read the whole description and notice that the thing was barely a foot high and therefore did not count as furniture? No.
5. After getting all I need on the Sgabello chair I selected, I grab a cab in order to avoid a parking ticket and tell it to drop me off at 85th and Columbus, which is the mental note I made as to where my car is parked. The car is not there. After walking around for a few blocks I grab a second cab and tell the driver that we're going to drive around until we find my car. Turns out the friggin' thing was parked on 87th and Columbus, in the opposite direction of that I searched. At least I didn't get a ticket.

So I'd planned on going to my parents' at 1PM and ended up actually getting there at 5. I'm such a good daughter. Then again they've dealt with this sort of thing from me for many, many years. And they rely on me in order to reprogram their cell phones. (Phew! Saved from the brink of being disinheirited once again!)

All's well that ends well I suppose. Assignment's done, I have the major materials for my cubicle revamp, and I've got most of the major errands done so I can make my weekend trip to Boston on Friday. However, if you'll excuse me, I've got a worst-case scenario plan to prepare for the inevitable wrong turn I'm going to make on the way up. Somehow I think I'm gonna need it.

Update: In the continuing saga known as I-can-be-such-a-tool, I get to class this evening to discover that in a panic yesterday I misread the syllabus. My assignment is actually due next week. Bloody hell. Sigh.

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Blogger Cantona said...

You make me look supremely organised. Thank you :)

9:25 AM  
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