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I'm a Jersey girl without the big hair or the accent (well, most of the time anyway), but with all of the bad driving and the penchant for weekly manicures.
Oh, and I'm an interior design student. That's how all of the weird terminology comes into play.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
HALL – 1. A building or room of considerable size and stateliness, used for public purposes; as, Westminster Hall, in London. 2. (a) The chief room in a castle or manor house, and in early times the only public room, serving as the place of gathering for the lord’s family with the retainers and servants, also for cooking and eating. It was often contrasted with the bower, which was the private or sleeping apartment. “Full sooty was her bower and eke her hall.” – Chaucer. Hence, the entrance from outside was directly into the hall: (b) A vestibule, entrance room, etc., in the more elaborated buildings of later times. Hence: (c) Any corridor or passage in a building. (from Webster's 1913 Dictionary)

"You know who you look like?"

I get that a lot.

I suppose that I'm fortunate in that I get compared to celebrities with some frequency. Hey, they're all gorgeous, so I'm glad to take a compliment when I get it. I'm always surprised by who people believe my doppelganger to be though, because it's almost always somebody different. That I find to be pretty cool, even when I don't agree with the assessment, because it flatters my sense of individuality.

The comparison that comes up the most for me is Diane Keaton during the Annie Hall years. As you can see below there is a bit of a physical resemblance, but since I only saw the movie for the first time all the way through a couple of months ago, I'm realizing that I've been subconsciously channeling Annie's personality to an extent during my whole adult life.

An Exploration of My Inner Annie Hall

Annie Hall is a bad driver.

Mmmmm.... *looks at the "About Me" description* Check. New Jersey has never called me on it though.

Annie Hall says "la di da."

I have been known to say "la di da" (before I ever saw the movie) in addition to "goodness," "dang it," "fancy that," and "fiddle dee dee." Okay, I lied about that last one. Nobody says "fiddle dee dee."

Annie Hall is described as ditsy and neurotic.

I have a couple of entries that'll back that one up.

Annie Hall is a performer.

I've acted since I was four years old, and I had a go at singing too, but only in school musicals and karaoke (Okay, one karaoke experience in a bar in the Port Authority doing a somewhat decent version of "Gloria" until my voice cracked like Peter Brady). Our singing voices sound similar as well, though I don't think that either of us is at a professional level by any means.

I'm not altogether sure what I meant to glean from this entry. I was really surprised when I first watched the film a couple of months ago and saw a lot of similarities. It was first released in 1977, when I was three years old, and had quite an impact on the culture at the time. Perhaps the movie had a secondhand influence on my development? That's certainly a little out in left field, even for such Freudian/existentialism enthusiasts as the characters in the film.

Regardless, I did have fun writing this. Reminds me of a Woody Allen quote from the movie. "That was the most fun I've ever had without laughing."

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Blogger Nettie said...

Cool blog...coming from a random stranger.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Vadergrrrl said...

Your amazing. I love annie hall. Diane Keeton was great in that movie. im not sure if thats the one where woody allen blows the cocaine at the party or if thats Manhattan. i get those confused.

im a terrible speller... sorry.

love your site. you so kick ass!

11:40 PM  
Blogger Cantona said...

You do look like Keeton in Annie Hall, thats a compliment. Its when people start saying you look like Woddy Allen you can start worrying :)

3:45 PM  
Blogger H Fink said...

I love Annie Hall and Homestar Runner. Thanks for reminding me about them

4:34 PM  

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