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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
LUMINAIRE - A complete lighting unit consisting of a light source with a means of distribution (reflector and/or refractor), lamp positioning (socket), lamp protection (housing) and a provision for power connection. (from the Young & Co. Glossary of Electrical Terms)

My free time today (surprisingly I have tons) has been overtaken by what I consider to be an engrossing read, so forgive me if my entry is a bit short. Actually, you should a) thank your lucky stars that I wrote an entry at all, and b) when you're finished laughing at suggestion a), heave a sigh of relief that I'm not yammering on as per usual.

The book is Lauren Bacall's newly updated autobiography, By Myself and Then Some. Ms. Bacall is something of a personal idol of mine. Both her career and her personal life have become stuff of legend, and two of my Favorite Films of All Time -- the noir classic The Big Sleep and the funny, frothy How to Marry a Millionaire -- have been dubbed as such in no small amount due to her performances.

Bacall today...

On screen, she exudes a cool chic and a sometimes earthy sort of glamour. In the book (at least so far, I've got loads to go on this puppy), she's incredibly self-deprecating and a very endearing Nervous Nellie.

Regarding her first audition for a Broadway musical:

"Finally my turn came. I gave my name -- no experience except American Academy of Dramatic Arts. I gave my sheet music to the accompanist, a faceless young man -- I was so terrified I didn't see a thing. Mr. Abbot called to me to move out to center stage. First he asked me to do the time step again -- which I could do, God knows, but my knees were shaking so badly I even had trouble with that. Then the dreaded song. I wanted to hang on to the piano, but that was out. I sang it, or talked and sang it, or did something with it. I got through it terribly without confidence or voice -- at the end I was told to leave my name with the stage manager, thanked for my trouble, and the next name was called. I knew I'd never hear from them. What an experience! It was like going to the chair."

...Bacall back then.

That's what I love about a good biography: getting a look behind the persona and really seeing the person. I hardly expected to read something like that from the woman who at the age of nineteen uttered the immortal line, "You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and... blow." Now that's acting.

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Blogger TaraMetBlog said...

Isn't it an amazing read?? I was captivated right away, even before she meets Bogart. Her life is so interesting and I really admired her frank New York style of writing. I love Katharine Hepburn too, but Bacall's autobiography was much better and more enthralling.

Take a look at my post on this book and going to her book signing:

5:29 PM  
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