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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
AQUEOUS- Pertaining to water; an aqueous solution is a water solution. (from the Glossary)

I certainly never thought I'd ever see the likes of Aquanet again.

Admit it, ladies. You've seen this before.

Back in high school, there wasn't a proper Jersey Girl who didn't own four cans of the stuff. Seattle music hadn't quite yet made its way East Coast, and nearly every woman's heart in the Garden State (save for mine, oddly enough) still held a soft spot for Jon Bon Jovi. Which is a long way of saying that big hair was still in back then.

Yes, I'm old. But I still get carded. A lot. There, I feel better.

There were two types of big hair at the time: the If-Farrah-Fawcett-jammed-a-fork-into-an-electric-socket look or the Deanna Troi (aka "gather up the front of your hair, push forward, and seal with a barette"). Though I'm pretty sure that it's not just Jersey that's getting this shout out. Check out memory lane:

No amusing caption needed here.

I tended to vacillate between the two, though the former tended to be unsuccessful since my hair is woefully fine. My solution for that was replacing the word "hair" with "bangs" in the charming expression "The higher the hair, the closer to God." Pretty picture there.

I'd say that someday I'll put up my senior yearbook photo up here to illustrate my point, but you'd so know that I was lying, so I won't.

So what does my venture into early 90's Jersey hair have to do with anything? Well, apparently this sh*t seals charcoal onto paper. That makes me feel so much better about the grunge/goth semi-tree-hugging, pseudo-hippie persona I took on somewhere around the time that "Smells Like Teen Spirit" came out. Oh, well. Too late now.

So my drawing teacher was trying to tell us in her lovely South African lilt the methods in which we could preserve our drawings (not that mine are anywhere near worth saving yet), and was trying to come up with the name of the least expensive method. "It's for your hair -- really strong," she said, gesticulating wildly. "Oh, Aquanet," I replied, as though anybody that hadn't heard of it was ridiculously behind the times. Seven women from Boston looked at me like I was speaking Swahili, but I was right. So yeah. Jersey Girl triumphs again.

(The obvious bad joke at this moment would mention something about my roots showing. I'm adult enought to admit that I'm in need of a hair appointment, but that's neither here nor there.)

After that, I headed straight to CVS to get me some of that Aquanet lovliness. But don't think that I'll be putting that stuff in my hair again. I'm a sophisticated woman now. But oh, the volume I get when I spray it on with my head tipped upside down...

Um, excuse me for a bit. I need to struggle with my inner adolescent right now.

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Blogger Nuclear Beaver said...

That was awesome! Hee hee. I have a friend who had a Deanna Troy do. I was trying to decide if there was any nonintrusive way (there wasn't) to explain that there might be a better look for her when she decided to get her motorcycle license and bought a Honda Virago. Helmet. Problem solved.

3:13 PM  
Blogger frangy93tslando said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:42 AM  
Blogger Warped Bryce said...

I think I need a psychiatrist, and you just reminded me how hot it would be to pour out my soul to Deanna.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Cylithria™ said...

I loved the Deanna Troy picture comparison!!! Hiya La Nina, I wanted to take a moment and de-lurk and say thank you to you for allowing me to include your blog in my 100 Compliments of Summer!!

I love your blog, it's fantastic

10:47 PM  

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